Discover a new dimension of rice at “TRC 2019 Rice Style Exhibition” being held as part of TRC 2019 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Pathumwan Intersection, from 29 - 31 May 2019. The exhibition is open to the general public daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The exhibition is designed to offer knowledges about rice with the element of art through modern exhibition designed in combination of interactive technique, real object display and recreation of rice farm setting. A good opportunity for the general public to learn and become more aware of the value of rice from ancient times to modern days, why and how rice remains an integral part of Thai society. With innovation, Thai rice will continue to evolve, from the same seed into greater future worldwide.

The exhibition is divided into five zones

1. The Kings and Thai Rice

Thailand is an agriculture nation and rice cultivation has long been the foundation of stability in the country. The bonds between the Monarchy and rice farmers is deep-rooted here ever since the ancient times. The display profoundly reflects the royal benevolence toward the development of rice, rice trade, rice culture and the livelihood of farmers — the “backbone of the nation” bearing the greatest responsibility in feeding the Thai and the world population.

2. Farm to Future

Thai Rice Industry 4.0 has rapidly advanced and accelerated in many aspects. Technology and innovation have played a crucial role throughout the value chain from upstream, midstream to downstream to achieve the quality rice products for consumers.

3. Rice Style

When the rice industry integrates advanced technology into its value chain to ensure the quality, safety and responsibility to the environment and society, rice is ready to progress into global lifestyle and serve consumers with no limits.

4. Specialty Rice for Life

Thailand is world famous for its fragrant rice. But that’s not all the country has to offer. With its long history of rice cultivation and favorable geographical conditions for rice growing, the country is naturally a home to many local varieties with unique characteristics and nutritional values be it antioxidants, vitamins or medicinal properties. Thai rice grain comes in various natural colors, shapes and sizes carrying within it the goodness to satisfy the consumers’ diverse preferences and health concerns.

5. Rice Market

Learn about and browse through the rich line of innovative rice products. This is also a great opportunity to shop for various types of rice especially specialty rice and organic rice while supporting farmer groups, local enterprises and Thai entrepreneurs.