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Rice + Innovation

Enhancing Partnership in Global Rice Trade Comunity Toward Stability, Prosperity and Sustainbility

27-29 MAY 2019

Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre
at Centralworld, Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand has reigned for over three decades as the world’s largest exporter of rice. Rated among the world’s best, Thai rice is now exported to more than 160 countries around the globe, with approximate 20-25% global market share, generating an average annual income of over 150 billion baht (approx. 4.7 billion US dollars).

In 2018, Thailand exported 11.13 million tonnes of rice, worth 180 billion baht (approx. 5.65 billion US dollars, an increase of 10% in export value as compared to the previous year. The country now put great emphasis on premium quality rice and rice with special characteristics such as the fragrant Hom Mali rice, various coloured rice, organic rice and the RD43 rice with low glycemic index. Moreover, rice-based innovation with modern technology has increasingly gained momentum as an important income-generating source of export, creating added value and new dimension in the global rice trading.

For more information and insight into Thai rice, please visit www.thinkricethinkthailand.com