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Ministry of Commerce Gears up for Thailand Rice Convention 2019
Promoting Thai Rice towards Global Lifestyle

The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, announced its readiness to host the “Thailand Rice Convention 2019” (TRC 2019) from 27-29 May 2019 at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. To showcase Thailand’s internationally-recognized status and potentials as a world leader in rice trade and export, TRC 2019 will be held under the theme “Rice Style: The New Global Lifestyle”, promoting value addition of rice through innovation. Both public and private sectors agreed that Thailand must focus on rice quality, market-driven production, and boosting Thai rice and rice-based innovative products that fit the modern global lifestyle.

Ms. Chutima Bunyapraphasara, Deputy Minister of Commerce, Acting Minister of Commerce, emphasised that “TRC is a great platform on which we can promote Thailand as the leading rice exporting country and Thai rice, while strengthening partnership with worldwide trade partners comprising representatives from related public and private sectors. Moreover, TRC 2019 is all the more special as it is taking place during the auspicious month of the Royal Coronation of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua, King Rama X. The Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce will thus join the entire nation in celebrating this joyful occasion with a special exhibition in tribute to His Majesty and the Chakri Dynasty in gratitude towards the royal benevolence in the development of rice cultivation and Thai farmers.”

The Acting Commerce Minister presided over the TRC 2019 press conference held recently at the Ministry of Commerce. The event was warmly attended by Mr. Adul Chotinisakorn, Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade, and Pol. Lt. Charoen Laothamatas, President of Thai Rice Exporters Association, as well as representatives from related public and private sectors and the media. To offer a glimpse of the special features in TRC 2019, a mini-exhibition on “The Kings and Thai Rice” and rice-based innovative products were displayed at the exhibition, along with Rice Bar serving creative drinks made from rice by Mr. Jen Kaew-yod, Bartender of the Year 2018.

There will also be a discussion on “New Era of Rice… The Time for Change” by the Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade and the President of Thai Rice Exporters as a highlight of the press conference.

“TRC 2019’s theme ‘Rice Style: The New Global Lifestyle’ is a continuation of the TRC 2017’s concept - “Rice + Innovation” - which highlights the importance of rice quality and the application of innovation to connect Thai rice industry with modern lifestyle worldwide. It’s important for Thai farmers and entrepreneurs to become aware of the need to respond to changing global lifestyle, be it in the area of health, beauty, urbanization or aging society. The event also aims at promoting a vast variety and unique characteristics of Thai rice such as their fragrance, nutritional values, and medicinal properties. This way, we can drive innovative products from Thai rice towards global popularity,” said Mr. Adul.

Meanwhile, President of Thai Rice Exporters Association reiterated that: “The Government must focus on policy and action plan to promote farmers’ awareness of quality of rice and market-driven production so that Thailand can maintain its competitiveness and leadership position in the world rice market.”

Thailand has reigned for over three decades as the world’s leading exporter of rice. Thai rice, regarded among the world’s best, is now exported to many countries around the globe, with approximately 20-25% global market share, generating an average annual income of over 150 billion baht.

In 2018, Thailand exported 11.09 million tonnes of rice, the value of which is approximately 180 billion baht. The country now puts great emphasis on premium quality rice and specialty rice such as the fragrant Thai Hom Mali rice, coloured - rice varieties with special characteristics, and organic rice. Moreover, rice-based innovative products have been developed with modern technology and have increasingly gained momentum as an important income-generating source of export, creating added value and new dimension in the global rice trade.

Thailand Rice Convention is a biennial international forum, initiated by Thailand in 2001, for global rice trade stakeholders along the value chain to share their views, experiences and visions on the global rice market. It offers opportunity for all participants to enhance and promote partnership, as well as obtain information about the latest market trends from national and international experts. This will be beneficial to production efficiency and product improvement towards the sustainable development of Thai Rice industry.

TRC 2019 will be held from 27-29 May 2019 at the Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld with attendance of approximately 800 delegates, 300 of whom are key players from around the world and 500 of whom are farmers and entrepreneurs from throughout Thailand. The forum will hear the discussions by international experts on various issues pertaining to global rice trade as well as that on rice-based innovative products. Delegates will also be offered an opportunity to visit the Thai Farmer Life and Spirit Learning Center in Suphanburi province and THAIFEX - World of Food Asia at IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok.

Concurrently, the special tribute exhibition “The Kings and Thai Rice” and “TRC 2019 Rice Style” event will be held from 29 - 31 May 2019 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. The exhibition, open to the general public daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., will offer insights into the evolution of Thai rice production and trade from the beginning of Rattanakosin Era under the benevolence of His Majesty King Rama I of Chakri Dynasty through the current Reign of His Majesty King Rama X. Today, the development of Thai rice still continues the Thailand 4.0 era. when advanced technology and innovation are being applied throughout the value chain from upstream, midstream to downstream. The event will inspire farmers and entrepreneurs towards value creation by improving their production and products to respond to the market taste and demand. There will also be a Rice Market offering selected quality rice and rice-based innovative products for shoppers to enjoy.

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