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Ministry of Commerce Hosts Thailand Rice Convention 2019
Showcasing Quality Thai Rice and Rice-based Innovative Products
Connecting with Global Lifestyle

The Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with related organizations, is hosting Thailand Rice Convention 2019 (TRC 2019), 27-29 May, 2019, at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center at CentralWorld. The event reaffirms the strong potential of Thailand as a world leader in rice production and export while showcasing the quality Thai rice and rice-based innovative products.

Mr Boonyarit Kalayanamit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, disclosed: “The Commerce Ministry’s Department of Foreign Trade has organized this 9th edition of TRC under the concept of ‘Rice Style: The New Global Lifestyle’ to put on centre stage the great potential of Thailand as a global leader in rice production and export as well as a source of quality rice of the world.

The Permanent Secretary chaired the TRC 2019’s opening ceremony, held recently (28 May 2019) at the Convention Hall A, where he also gave a keynote speech on “Thai Rice: The World’s Food Source”. Joining him to greet their guests were Director General of DFT Mr. Adul Chotinisakorn and the long list of the ministry’s executives. TRC 2019 was well attended by more than 800 delegates comprising representatives of governmental organizations, producers, importers, exporters, academics and experts on rice from throughout Thailand and from overseas i.e. China, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, the United States, Canada, Spain, Russia, among many others. Also well in attendance were rice farmers from around Thailand and members of the Press.

In his keynote address, the Permanent Secretary emphasized: “Rice is important to Thailand in various aspects -- economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally. Rice is also crucial to our food security. It has a special place in our way of life. In fact, we owe our rice culture to over 4 million families of farmers, their knowledge, expertise and perseverance.”

He also disclosed that apart from meeting domestic consumption demands to assure food security, Thailand exports more than 10 million tons of rice each year on an average, earning the country more than 150 billion baht a year.  In 2017, Thailand’s rice export reached a record high of 11.67 million tons, the highest in our country’s history. “Thanks to collaboration from several related sectors, the country has been enjoying its place among the world’s top rice exporters for a long period of time,” he said.

“Consumers of rice around the world are leading a different lifestyle today along with the changes in demographic structure. For instance, the world is fast becoming an aging society and consumers are now paying more attention to health, nutritional value, diet therapy and relevant innovations. Thailand thus needs to adapt and further develop our production process so that our rice industry can cope with new demands and meet the consumer needs for healthy food. The country will then continue to enjoy its proud status as the sustainable source of food for the world.”

Mr Boonyarit reiterated: “The Government is determined to make the Thai rice industry grow sustainably. To succeed, we need collaboration and integration effort from all parties concerned. Our common goal is to maintain the economic significance of this important agricultural commodity and to increase its popularity worldwide. A well developed and strong system for our rice industry will benefit everyone in the society, from individuals to local, to national and international communities. It will also enhance the world food security.”

One highlight of the event was a tribute exhibition “The Kings and Thai Rice” in celebration of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua’s Coronation. Concurrently, there was “TRC RICE STYLE”, an interactive wall exhibition featuring the use of technology and innovation in creating value-added rice products – both food and non-food suitable for health-concious consumers. In the Rice Bar Zone, there was a cooking demonstration of a special rice menu by Thailand’s first Master Chef Junior “Patty” Chanunchida and the bar serving refreshing rice drinks.

The conference featured three main discussion topics highlighting the significance of rice. They are “Global Rice Market Outlook”; “Rice Market Outlook: Thailand’s Opportunities”, and “Penetrating into Global Markets for Rice-based Innovative Products”. Distinguished panelists flew in from across the world to share their knowledge and experiences on interesting subjects pertaining to future development of rice and rice-based innovative products.

Additionally, the conference offered an insight into the special characteristics of various Sp ecialty Rice which come with health benefits including Riceberry rice, Kor Khor 43 white rice, and Hom Nil rice. And there are rice-based innovative products with immense added value from the application of advanced technology in the manufacturing process. international delegates woud later have a chance to take a post-conference field trips to rice-related sites including the Thai Farmers’ Lifestyle and Spirit Learning Centre at Suphan Buri and the THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2019 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

For interested public members, the tribute exhibition “The Kings and Thai Rice” will be presented at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from 29-31 May, 2019. The display, open free of admission charges daily from 10 a.m.-8 p.m., is divided into 5 zones: “The Kings and Thai Rice” honouring His Majesty King Rama X and all the Chakri Dynasty Kings’ benevolent efforts in supporting Thai rice and farmers; “Farm to Future” portraying the development of Thai Rice industry in the digital 4.0 era where technology and innovation play a vital role in the value chain of rice; “RICE STYLE“a zone dedicated to the rice-based innovative rice products: “Specialty Rice for Life” showcasing the abundance and characteristics of Thai rice – especially the benefits both in nutritional or medical aspects befitting modern and healthy lifestyle. The 5th zone is called “Rice Market” offering selected varieties of rice and rice-base innovative products for sale.

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